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ByConnor Tapp

Florida is in danger of having its 31-game winning streak against Kentucky snapped on Saturday night, and a controversial decision by the officiating crew might well have a hand in deciding the outcome. Trailing the Wildcats 21-10 with under 90 seconds left in the third quarter, Dan Mullen sent out kicker Evan McPherson to try a 36-yard field goal that, if made, would have put the Gators within a single score.

The kick appears to have gone through the uprights, but the officiating crew nevertheless signaled a miss and denied Florida the three points.

Looks like it went through, right? Definitely worth a second look, at the very least. So why wasn't there an official review? Well, take a look at this image.

See how the ball appears to have been kicked higher than the top of the goalposts? Well, that makes it ineligible for review.

From the Section 3 of the NCAA rule book on the use of replay: "Reviewable plays involving a potential score include: ... Field goal attempts ifa nd only if the ball is ruled (a) below or above the crossbar or (b) inside or outside the uprights when it is lower than the top of the uprights. Softwalk Wish 11 Black M Women's Flat Black US If the ball is higher than the top of the uprights as it crosses the end line, the play may not be reviewed."


There's a saying in sports: Don't leave it in the ref's hands.

While that saying is wise, it will nevertheless be cold comfort to Florida fans if this costs them the game.

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Florida State really made its fan base sweat things out Saturday in a 36-26 victory over Samford. And this is supposed to be the easy part of the schedule for first-year coach Willie Taggart. Needing a Tre’ McKitty touchdown to take its first lead of the season with just 4:03 left to play against Samford, it was not a fun one for the fans took in the game.

But Florida State did scrape the win, and Brendan Sonnone of Noles247 is here to break down what comes next on The Morning Blitz podcast.

“There’s a lot of areas that they need to build on and improve on,” Sonnone said. “This is kind of the easier part of the schedule. If you don’t come out beating Syracuse and Northern Illinois, it doesn’t get any easier. You have to go up to Louisville, go to Miami. The back half of the schedule has games at Notre Dame, at Florida to end the regular season. You never know how that’s going to go. Clemson and NC State, always tough for FSU, it doesn’t get easier.”

Most preseason Vegas projects set the expectations between six and seven wins in Taggart’s first season. Mapping out the remaining 10 games, and it is tougher to find another five wins on the schedule based on how Florida State started.

What must the Seminoles do to change those expectations?

“For this team to get some direction, the most important thing is the offense has to find an identity, an identity that’s positive and something that you can be cohesive with,” Sonnone said. “The one thing they do okay right now is Deondre Francois can get the ball downfield and attack the middle of the defense at a pretty efficient rate and get some chunk plays. You have to find something to compliment it, whether it is perimeter passing outside, the run game getting more consistent and finding Cam Akers. Get him involved where he is more comfortable and getting some momentum as a runner instead of being an East-West guy.”

Florida State has 3.6 team yards per carry this season with Francois as the lone touchdown runner.


“Getting Deondre Francois involved as an actual runner to take pressure off the rest of the offense and a pretty poor offensive line, I think that’s objective No. 1,” Sonnone said. “If you do that, the defense becomes a little bit more consistent. I think you’ve seen more good things with the defense right now than the offense. Special teams is a mess right now.”

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